How to protect your Privacy & Security on the iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

We live in a brave new technical world where privacy and security are all but ignored.  The invention of Social Media and AI has made it easy to deceive and prey-on the innocent.  Below are a few steps to help prevent this from happening.

Set Content & Privacy Restrictions or Prevent iTunes & App Store purchases on your iPhone or iPad.

Press the Home buttonhome to go to the home screen.
Press the Settings icon.settings
Scroll down and press General, then Restrictions.
Enter your Restrictions Passcode.

Important: Do not forget your Passcode, as it will be required to enable or disable features.

A list of apps will appear at the top of the screen (examples: Safari, Camera, and FaceTime).

Unchecking these will turn them off. (This is helpful when you don’t want your children running up a large bill.)

Under Restrictions, go to the Location Services or Apps sections to restrict a users access to download apps, music, TV and other iTunes content by rating.

Location Services:

  • Allow or Don’t Allow Changes
  • Enable or Disable Location Services


  • Allow Apps by rating:
    • Don’t Allow Apps
    • 4+
    • 9+
    • 12+
    • 17+
    • Allow All Apps

Help protect against the usage of inappropriate apps on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Launch Google Playfrom your Android smart phone or tablet.
Tap the Menuon the search bar, scroll down and select Settings.
Under User Controls tap Parental Controls.
Tap Parental controls is off, create and confirm a 4 digit PIN to turn on the Parental Controls option.

Important: Do not forget this 4 digit PIN as it will be required to unlock your set restrictions.

Set a restriction for each type of content:

  • Apps & Games
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Books
  • Music
Tap to Allow from the following:

  • Everyone (most restrictive)
  • Everyone 10+ (social media apps restricted)
  • Teen
  • Mature 17+
  • Adults 18+
  • Allow all, including unrated (least restrictive)
Tap Save to set your restrictions.

Please visit for more information on privacy and security for your devices.


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